Final Week & food buying beyond

Well I survived the full month of no food buying.

The month is now complete of not paying for food for a month.  It actually wasn’t that hard (Especially week 3) & I feel like doing this has made me more conscious of how much money I spend on food out when I have a household full of perfectly good food for free.

It’s almost like doing a health challenge. If you say you are going to eat vegetarian for a month it spills out into the rest of your life. Challenges such as this make you integrate these better choices into your daily life.

What did I eat the last week?

shrimp egg breakfast

I used up the leftover raclette ingredients to create a shrimp & broccoli egg breakfast. I just microwaved this all in my egg cooker at work for a healthy delicious & fast breakfast.

peanut butter appleThis is a snack my mom used to make when I was a lil tot. Cored out apples with peanut butter. Tasty & healthy breakfast with fruit & protein!

breakfast egg & applesThis was my last day of no paying for food. I threw a hard boiled egg and 2 apples into my purse for breakfast. Lazy but still healthy!

What did I eat to celebrate being done?

elm cafe pastrami sandwichAn Elm Cafe pastrami sandwich with a coffee of course. I have to give a plug to Elm Cafe because it is my favourite & special spot I go for lunch. I used to work only a few blocks from this adorable cafe & would walk here almost every week for lunch. Now I work a 20 mins drive away. Every once in awhile a co-worker and I drive the 40 mins to grab it’s delights & to splurge a little. On average a lunch here costs me $20, but the drive & cost is totally worth it. I’ve never once been disappointed with anything I’ve purchased here.

bbq pine & hameI also started our annual tradition of Sunday Funday Game of Thrones BBQ! I volunteered to go first since I was finally done my no paying for food for a month & I wanted to cook Easter dinner. My family was all scattered around the world this Easter, so I wanted to cook something for myself and my friends so I didn’t miss out on Easter this year. I decided to incorporate it into the BBQ & Game of Thrones theme.

game of thrones easterBBQ’d lemon pepper potatoes, BBQ’d ham & pineapple stacks, BBQ’d honey citrus champagne brussel sprouts, toasted hot crossed buns & salad.

I kind of incorporated a Hawaiian theme into the ham portion of the meal by BBQ’ing pineapple & stacking it with ham. My friend dislikes pineapple & he thought I was nuts for BBQ’ing it but he congratulated me on the pairing of the flavours when he tried it.

For the potatoes I even made a cute little GOT (Game of Thrones) potato cut out.

Sam cooking brussel sprouts? If anyone knows me well, they know this is really the only food I dislike. However after trying them at Three Boars Eatery (another plug to one of my favourite restaurants) I’ve decided to try & cook them similarly to how they prepare them. At Three Boars they marinate their brussel sprouts in honey & other ingredients & then char them a bit. I marinated mine in honey & some spices along with a citrus honey vinegar & then chard them on the BBQ. They weren’t as great as Three Boars of course but they were the second best brussel sprouts I’ve ever tasted. I’m definitely going to try and start incorporating them into my meals since they are so darn healthy & since I now know how to cook them to my liking.

Finally I had to include some hot crossed buns to keep the Easter tradition going.

egg scrambleAfter Yoga I created an amazing egg scramble with some of my new & exciting food I really missed buying this past month. Eggs & cheese with leftover Easter ham with fresh veggies, avocado & tomato.

deer steaksAlberta hunted deer steaks & BBQ’d potatoes with salad.

deer poato scrambleUtilizing my leftovers well instead of buying new food! For Sunday breakfast I made white taled deer, potato & green onion scramble.

What did I miss the most & how has this changed me?

I most certainly missed cheese & yogurt the most. I’m a cheese fiend & I love having fresh Greek yogurt for breakfast. I was surprised that I didn’t miss many other particulars however my household was full of many different types of food so that probably helped.

I feel like I am now still buying less. I’m not splurging out in restaurants as much still & I’m ensuring I use up my leftovers a little bit more than before.  I saved myself upwards of $500 this month which basically pays for my clothes shopping splurge I had while in San Jose California. New designer clothes that will last me for years instead of a few hours of enjoyment on new foods is totally worth it in my opinion.

I’m still going to eat out & cook gourmet foods (I am a foodie after all) but I’m going to be a little more conscious of over indulgence & save for more tangible things & trips in the future.

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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