Mexican food cooking night

Second exception to no food buying for a month. Mexican food cooking night!

My friend Christina had an amazing Mexican cooking teachings night planned at her house. Her Mexican friend Ingrid taught a group of 8, on how to cook authentic Northern Mexican food.

Mexican chef IngridHere is Ingrid showing us how to create the mixture for the quesidilla dough. Corn flour & baking soda.

Tortilla press

Once the dough is at the right consistency you ball it up & put it in the tortilla press.

filling the quesidillaOnce the dough is flat you fill them. This one is poblano peppers, corn & Mexican cheese.

frying chorizoSome of  the quesillas were filled with delicious chorizo.

raw quesidillaOnce you have your filling in the quesidilla you fold it over then push in the excess dough. They kind of look like empanadas in my opinion. However these are traditional Northern Quesidillas. Flat quesidillas with 2 tortillas & filled with cheese originate from the South of Mexico.

frying northern style quesidillasOnce you have prepared all of your quesidillas you fry them in hot oil. Fry until they are slightly golden brown. If the oil isn’t hot enough the dough won’t cook on the inside so make sure your oil is nice and hot.

Poblano pepper quesidillasWow look at these. They were AMAZING. All ready to eat Northern Mexican Quesidillas.

150dollar tequila

Ingrid shared some of Mexicos best and most expensive Tequila. It had after notes of cinnamon & was quite flavourful to sip on.margaritas tequilaWe of course also sipped on Margaritas & our tequila while we cooked.

ingrid & ladiesAll the ladies hard at work prepping an amazing Mexican meal.

cooking ladies

salsa verde rawMaking salsa verde. Tomatillos, Garlic, Cilantro, Onion. You boil them all up until they are nice and soft.

blending salsa verdeOnce the vegetables are all boiled & soft you blend them up in your blender.

Salsa verdeOnce the boiled vegetables are all blended up you get an amazing salsa verde. Oh my! So delicious & fresh.

shrimp cevicheWhile we were busy making the quesidillas we were also making up an amazing batch of shrimp ceviche. Shrimp marinated in lime juice & red onions.

northern quesidillas ceviche

The final meal! Poblano pepper or chorizo quesidillas with salsa verde Mexican Creme & Mexican cheese with shrimp ceviche tostadas. It was amazing!

mexican milk cakeWe of course made dessert as well. A simple dense cake soaked in 3 different milks including condensed milk.

What an amazingly fun night. Thank You so much to Ingrid for teaching us all her amazing recipes. The food was memorable & I’m grateful to have learned her expertise.

I love partaking in different cooking & food events such as this. We are hoping our next night together will be a Greek night. Christina will be the teacher for this & perhaps next up Irish, Polish or French by me !

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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