No buying food for a month Post # 1

I have so much food in the house & I’m always spending more money on new groceries & eating out.

Little bits and pieces here and there to complete a recipe, items on sale or foods that I’m craving. Since I have so much food in the house I want to see if I can utilize what I already have. I’m excited to see how well I’ll be able to eat & what recipes will I come up with just using the ingredients in my household. I’m also pumped to see how much money I’ll save.

Other reasons Why?

  1. I just booked a trip & I need to be in save mode in order to pay it off.
  2. I’m trying to eat gluten free & low carb when at all possible.
  3. I have a goal to eat smaller portions.


  1. Conference I’ll be attending out of the city this month.  I’ll have to eat out those days. 
  2. St. Patricks day because I love this day & I won’t give up celebrating it.
  3. Mexican cooking party my friend is hosting. We are sharing the cost of food on that night.
  4. I can buy fresh veggies but only $10 a week.

Upcoming Posts

I’ll be posting some of the dishes I make, but not all of them.

No Food buying – Day 1

Kale & Egg saladDijon Egg salad on a bed of kale salad

No Food buying – Day 4

Avocado & Egg Bagel

 Breakfast was Avocado, Tomato & Egg on a gluten free bagel.

Uncooked Basa dish

Dinner – Uncooked olive tomato & kale basa filets.

Cooked olive basa filet

The Filets cooked!

Basa Filet on rice

The final dish. Basa Filets on a bed of rice.

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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