No food buying Post #3

Day 6 – Dinner

In case you missed my first 2 posts of why I am not paying for food for a full month.  The explanation & here is post #2. 



Finished up a bag of perogies that I had in the freezer. Added in fried onions & 40 calorie ham sausage. Instead of sour cream I always use Greek yogurt as a dip. Less fat & calories!

Day 7 – Breakfast

avocado-egg-breakfastUsed up my last half of Avocado & mushed it up with a hard-boiled egg with some pepper. Doesn’t look too appetizing but it tasted great. Good fats & protein for breakfast!

Day 9 – Some would say I cheated but some would say I’m very clever.

After work on Day 9 I really did not feel like eating anything that I had in my place. Wow! Already eh Sam? It’s only been 9 days. This is a common problem with me, hence why I’m doing this experiment. I hadn’t seen a good friend in a couple of weeks & I had invited him over for dinner & was going to suck it up by just eating something that was available for the shopping in my freezer & cabinets.

I suggested I cook him Lamb chops with a kale salad. I knew he probably wouldn’t want the kale, but really that’s all I had to offer in veggies. He was not up for this meal.  I reminded him that I cannot spend any money on food this month & if he wanted he could bring something for me to cook. He was actually down for the idea! Yes! I felt kind of clever but some have told me it was cheating. Regardless, I didn’t have to eat something in Sam’s condo store. New food was about to be delivered!

He brought hamburgers, buns, cheese & salad. He even left me the remainders to contribute to my no food buying for the month. What a great guy! I’m now using the cheese & buns he brought for my meals on Day 10.

 Day 10 – Donated ingredients


For breakfast I made an egg, cheese, kale & onion sandwich.

salmon meltLunch was a can of salmon which was given to me by a friend who caught the salmon in BC & canned it sometime in the summer. This gives you an idea of how much food just sits around my place & doesn’t get eaten.  I mixed the can up with a bit of mayonnaise, pepper, kale & onion & then put it in the toaster oven to make a cheese melt.

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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