No paying for food post #5

I still have meat left in the freezer! Going strong.

The final week of not paying for food for a month is finally upon us.

It was time to buy some more vegetables! I was so excited to finally get to the grocery store. I really wanted to grab some yogurt & some other amenities but I only allowed myself to grab some vegetables, toilet paper & face wash as those other items aren’t food. Some of the fresh veggies I bought were apples, kale, tomatoes, cucumber, yams, parsley.

Since I had lamb chops in the freezer & quinoa in the cupboard I decided to make a Turkish meal. I slowly heated up the lamb chops with rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper.

Lamb chops turkish lamb & tabouleh saladThe final dish was a quinoa tabouleh salad & rosemary lamb chops. I had leftovers to last me a few lunches/dinner.

What else did I eat this week?

Saran Indian chicken & riceMy friend gave me a container of his moms Indian chicken & rice. This was a delicious lunch enjoyed this past week.

scrambled eggs & tomatoesEnjoyed a classic scrambled eggs & tomatoes.

nutmeg butternut squashJust felt like having a large amount of nutmeg butternut squash one night for dinner. So nom!

miso soupsMy lunches got a little scroungy. This week wasn’t as fun as last week. I didn’t have time to make lunch one day so I used up one lonely package of miso soup & had some crackers to accompany it.

peanut butter crackersA scrounged breakfast. Peanut butter on crackers. Not too exciting but provided some morning protein!

Friday Night Raclette

Trying to save money on the weekends, so my friend came over & we decided to cook something with only what she had in her house & only what I had in my house to continue with my months challenge.

My friend brought over some broccoli & cauliflower.

broc & cauliflowerI provided some carrots & cabbage.

cabbage & carrotsMy friend brought some shrimp & I marinated it in some honey & peanut sauce that I made.
honey peanut shrimpShe also brought some prosecco she had in the fridge. It was Friday night after all!

proseccochampagneSo what were we going to do with all of these delicious ingredients?

Fry them up on my racelette set of course. We did it healthy & only used the grill top. Everything was fried in the honey peanut sauce I had made & we skipped using the broiler to melt cheese on bread.

healthy racletteWe ate the veggies & shrimp with some rice I cooked up and sipped on champagne, enjoyed korean BBQ & peanut sauces & had a fabulous Friday evening.

This healthy version of raclette is kind of a copycat of the Asian fondu my family used to have every New Years day. Every January 1st my family of 5 would get together to cook delicious meats, seafood & vegetables in pots of bubbling broth. We’d eat our cooked delights with rice & an endless amount of sauces. Since I moved 6 hours away from my family, I don’t get to do this with them anymore.


Sunday Night Stew

A co-worker of mine often cuts her yam up and puts them in stews. I ALWAYS mash it up. I wanted to try and create a stew with yam like she does. I had 3 pork chops still in the freezer so I decided to make a yam & pork stew.

I cut up my yams, onions, kale & garlic & threw them in my crock pot. I then cut up the pork into chunks & seasoned the meat with salt & pepper. I then saw the nutmeg in my spice cabinet & just had this feeling that it would probably taste amazing with yam & pork, since pork goes well with sweet flavours. I felt it would taste great with a spicey sweet spice like nutmeg. I added nutmeg & cayenne pepper to the stew & let it cook.

raw nutmeg pork & yam stewDoesn’t this dish look amazing? The colours are awesome.

nutmeg pork & yam stewHere is the final dish. It was amazing. I was very happy with how it turned out, it was sweet & spicey & just a perfect dish to enjoy while watching Big Brother Canada & sipping on a glass of red wine. Also the onion in the middle of the dish kind of looks like a moustache.

Eating up food in my place isn’t too bad when you are a food hoarder. I still have 3 basa fillets, 1 chicken breast, 4 lamb chops, 2 burger patties, 1 fish burger & some sushi shrimp & fish.

Only 3 more days to go until I complete a full month of no food buying! I think I’ll be able to keep it going a little longer than a month.

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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