Not paying for food Post #4 – SMX West Conference

Day 10 to Day 16. Halfway there!

For lunch on my last day of work before I’m gone for a week to a conferece. I ate up most of my fresh veggies.

carrot cucumber lunch

I ate a whole cucumber with salt & pepper, 2 carrots & 80 calories worth of ham.

mooched french friesI then met up with a friend on their lunch break later in the afternoon & mooched some fries to tide me over till dinner.

SMX West SEO Conference in San Jose

I made it to SMX West in San Jose Silicon valley California. If you read my first post, you will remember I had stated that I had a week exception in buying food. This conference (even though food is all included), a Mexican food cooking night & St Patricks day which all happened in one week. A nice break from eating whatever I have around I must say!

mixer food I First night we had a mixer complete with delicious cheese & mini pastrami sandwiches.

pulled pork & chacuterieAll our meals were paid for during the conference so technically I am still not paying for food. Huzzah! We did however have a choice for dinner. A group of us went out & I had pulled pork & a shared a chacuterie platter.

asian dishOur breakfasts & lunches were buffet style & here is what we had for lunch on day 1. Chicken & tofu stir fry, salad and vegetarian dumplings.

Chinese & SeafoodOur second night a group of the newbies to SMX went out for Chinese & seafood. We had so much food we couldn’t finish it & it was only $10 a person. From left to right. Gabe from Phoenix Arizona, Chris from Phoenix Arizona, Mary from Tennessee, Pam from Massachusetts & missing in the picture is Steve from Los Angeles California.

mango guacamoleI ate a lot of avocados as they are grown in California & I freaking love avocados. Here was our appetizer on the second last night when we were out for dinner. Mango Guacamole & fresh taco chips.

energy gummy bearsDuring our session breaks there was loads of caffeine for the taking. Coffee, Tea, caffeinated suckers, caffeinated pixie sticks, caffeinated truffles & of course these, energy gummy bears. They tasted like red bull!
mexican food at smx
The last day, lunch was Mexican build your own fajitas. The food at the conference was quite good!

Back at home

When I got home exhausted from a full day of flights I had NO desire to cook. I didn’t have anything instant in my place & I was extremely close to going out and grabbing some food. But I needed to stick with my plan. I cooked up some pasta, opened a can of tuna, fried up some remaining veggies & created an absolutely amazing meal. Tuna, kale, carrot onion & garlic pasta fried with avocado oil. I will actually make this again it tasted so good.

carrot kale tuna pastaTuna carrot & kale pasta

Stay tuned for my next post on the Mexican cooking night!

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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