South Korea is really kid & baby friendly

South Korea is really kid & baby friendly
Have you ever seen a crib in the middle of a restaurant before? Yeah, that's how kid friendly Korea is
Crib and high chairs korean bbq
There is a crib in this restaurant. No you may not select the baby to eat

First off, when women give birth to their babies in Korea, they are expected to stay home for at least 3 weeks for self care or they can check themselves in to a postpartum care centre where they enjoy pampering, meals, long naps and even parenting classes. All us moms need to heal post birth, but the Koreans do this right. It’s a little weird that the babies are taken care off by someone else mind you, but it’s truly amazing that the mom’s are treated with the utmost care for weeks after. I mean, I was kicked out of the hospital after a nights stay!

Secondly, the amenities for babies and children across the country make it easier for mom’s and dads while on the go.

  • The nursing rooms are exceptionally comfortable, and absolutely everywhere.
  • The majority of bathrooms have change tables, baby seats for your child while you use the toilet. They also have mini sinks, mini mirrors, and cute little mini urinals for boys in the women’s washrooms.
  • Restaurants are very well equipped to support babies out for dinner with their families.
  • Healthy baby snacks for sale in major supermarkets made from seaweed and coconut! (note: it helps if you know Korean)

Here’s of a few of my favourite amenities for kids and babies in South Korea…

Sinks, Urinals and Toilets for Children/Kids in Korea

pig urinal bathroom korea
Adorable piggy urinal for children in the women’s washrooms in Korea
kids sinks mirrors urinals
The cutest mini sinks, urinals and mirrors in the women’s washrooms for children
mini kids sink in bathroom
Mini sink in case your kid needs a tiny drink
kids toilet in women's bathroom
Typical family style washroom like we have here in Canada. There’s nothing like sharing a pee with your child.

Baby seats in bathrooms in Korea

I really loved that majority of bathrooms have little baby seats you can put your baby in in each bathroom stall and even beside the sinks. No trying to balance your baby on your lap while you relieve yourself, or while you wash your hands. I’ve seen these very rarely in Canada.

Convenient baby seats beside each toilet. The stalls that had baby seats were clearly marked on the toilet stall doors
baby seats in stalls korea
His first time in a baby seat
baby seats near sinks in bathrooms
Baby seat beside the sinks
instructions baby seat in bathrooms
Instructions on how to use the baby seats in Japan and Korea

Kid and baby friendly restaurants in Korea

I found the staff at restaurants to be very accommodating of babies. There were almost always high chairs available, and most bathrooms had change tables in them (unless it was a more traditional Korean restaurant). There were also a few restaurants that had cribs right in the middle of the restaurant so your toddler or baby could nap while you eat. It’s like they were the crabs in the tank at red lobster.

baby crib inside a restaurant in korea
baby crib inside a restaurant in Korea
bumbo seat available in korean restaurant
Because it was traditional Korean floor seating, the restaurant had bumbo style baby seats available for use.

Baby and kids food in Korea

Formula and Huggies diapers (much more expensive than in Canada) were readily available in Korea, I didn’t see any snacks that I was familiar with. But they had some cool seaweed, banana, carrot and even meat snacks for babies in most grocery stores.

kid baby seaweed snacks
baby snacks in korea
A variety of baby snacks
Crab snacks for kids in Korea
Perfectly portioned and easy to hold crab sticks for kids. My nephew loved these

If you’re looking for more hot Korean baby travel tips, check out my blog on travelling to Korea with a 6 month old & the nursing rooms of South Korea.

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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