How To Set Up UTM Parameters – Custom Campaign Tracking

What is a UTM URL Code?

With custom campaigns, you can add parameters to any URL you own that links to your site and then you can collect more information about where your campaign traffic is coming from. For example, you might want to know how many users visited a blog post you sent out via a Social Media blast. Which Social Media account sent the most traffic & more.
Custom campaign parameters display in your Analytics reports, so you can see which URLs visitors click to arrive at your property.

What should I use it for?

Anything that is a marketing effort sent out online by you. Whether it be a link sent out on Social Media, a Newsletter, An email signature, basically anything that is us promoting our business not directly on our website.

How do I set one up?

Go to the Google Campaigns URL Builder & fill in the fields and click submit.

What do I put in the fields?

Website URL Field – The URL you want the user to see when they click the link

Example 1: The name of the Social Media account where you are placing the link

UTM Website URL

Campaign Source Field – The name of the page or source where the link is coming from

Example: The source of the link like Facebook, Twitter or Newsletter

Campaign Source UTM

Campaign Medium Field – What action is it? Is it a download, an internal link? A tweet?

Example: A blog post sent out via a tweet

Campaign Medium UTM

Don’t worry your pretty self about these 2 fields

Term UTM

Campaign Name Field – What type of campaign is this? This is a main campaign bucket. Many different mediums and sources can show up underneath the campaign name. Social Media, E-Newsletter, E-Mail Signature etc..

Example 2: A social media campaign sent out through several social accounts.

Campaign Name UTM


Click Submit

Copy and paste the URL that populates below the Submit Button.

UTM Code Example

 Paste the URL to the source of where you want your link. For example a newsletter link back to your blog post or a page from your website on twitter.

Where do I find this information in Analytics?

First you will see the name of the campaign.

When you click on it, it will next show you your source & medium so you know where the visit came from and from what spot.

The example below shows it’s a link from Twitter to your blot post named “Blost Post 1 ”.


Happy Tracking!

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