The Magical Nursing Rooms of South Korea

Nursing room sign in South Korea
Nursing room sign in Gimhae airport Busan South Korea

NEWSFLASH! You need to feed your baby. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, you have to do so several times a day. You can’t just feed your child Korean BBQ all the time like a middle aged Korean man.

Baby Korean BBQ Jeju Island
“Give me some of that black pork Korean BBQ” – Baby

When I was planning my trip to South Korea with my 6 month old, I asked my Korean born future sister-in-law if it was cool to nurse in public. She told me that it wasn’t a hard no, but almost all women go to designated nursing rooms in malls or shopping areas to nurse, and that it wasn’t really acceptable. I found this a little weird, did you have to go to a mall to nurse?

I was worried. What would I do if I was on the go and I needed to nurse post haste? I wasn’t planning on frequenting malls all the time, plus I’d be out of our hotel room the entire day, which means I’d need to feed my baby multiple times a day in public. What if I offended the locals and someone taekwondo’s me in the neck? Or worse, what if someone gave me a dirty look? My head swirled with worries, but what really happened was exactly the opposite of what I had dreamed up.

From my brief experience, South Korea seems to be quite progressive and supportive of breastfeeding mothers. This was a pleasant surprise as women should have the right to feed our babies wherever we go, no matter if its from a breast or a bottle. South Korea seemed to support this right and knows how to make mommas feel really comfortable while out in public. Having these rooms over the 3 weeks I traveled through Korea was an absolute treat. If we had more nursing rooms in Canada, we’d see a lot less uncomfortable mom’s banishing themselves to dark and dreary broom closets and leaky bathroom stalls when they need to feed their babies in public.

What I loved about these safe baby havens:

  1. They are a quiet place if your baby is over stimulated
  2. Baby needs a diaper change
  3. Baby needs to take a short nap (YES some nurseries i visited had cribs)
  4. Mom needs a small break (some nurseries had foot massagers)
  5. If you need to heat up or prepare your formula (Most nurseries had filtered water, microwaves and even bottle sterilizers)
  6. A place to breastfeed your baby in a quiet and comfortable space so they aren’t distracted and you don’t feel exposed
  7. Dads we’re allowed in the rooms, and were often in there helping the mom’s out which I loved to see. Feeding and changing babies isn’t just the mom’s job.

Some of my favourite amazing nursing rooms

Sajik Stadium – Busan Lotte Giants Baseball

Quiet Nursing Room Sajik Stadium
Quiet Nursing Room Sajik Stadium
Happyland Nursing room Sajik Stadium Busan
Happyland baby nursing room with change tables at Sajik Stadium. It truly was a happyland.
Comfy couch Baby Nursing Room Sajik Stadium
Comfy couch in the baby Nursing room

Gimhae Airport Nursing Room Busan

Nursing and Pregnant room Gimhae airport
Nursing Room for mothers and pregnant women in domestic departures in Gimhae airport Busan
Change Tables Gimhae Airport Busan
Change Tables in Nursing Room at Gimhae Airport
High chairs for use to feed baby solids
High chairs were available to feed your baby solids. You can see the green curtain i’m behind feeding my baby before I almost missed my flight!
Foot massager in nursing room in Busan Korea
If I wasn’t running late for my flight I would have used this foot massager! What luxury!

Haenyeo Museum Jeju Island

Haenyeo Museum Jeju Island Nursing Room
Bright nursing room Haenyeo Museum
Bright nursing room with paper towel, sink and seats in Haenyeo Museum
Crib in baby nursing room in Haenyeo Museum
A crib is available for naps and diaper changes in the baby nursing room at the Haenyeo Museum on Jeju Island

Aqua Planet Aquarium Jeju Island

Door to nursing room at Aqua planet
This was the busiest nursing room I had been in. It had 2 nursing moms behind a curtain and 2 moms changing babies. I didn’t get any photos of the inside of the room out of respect for the other moms. The inside has 2 couches and 2 rocking chairs, 2 change tables and a large curtain for privacy.

Nursing Room Secret Garden Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

Nursing Lounge changdeokgung secret garden
You have to pay extra to visit the secret garden of Changdeokgung palace in Seoul. I was surprised that past the gates, there was also a nursing room.
Comfy couch for nursing and bottle feeding
Comfy couch for nursing and bottle feeding at Changdeokgung secret garden baby lounge
Microwave and sink in baby lounge Comfy couch for nursing and bottle feeding at Changdeokgung secret garden
Baby lounge amenities including microwave and sink.
Filtered water in baby lounge at Changdeokgung secret garden
Filtered water in baby lounge at Changdeokgung secret garden

Incheon International Airport Seoul

This was the Cadillac of all nursing rooms in my opinion. It made me wish I had frequented some of the high end malls in Seoul to see what they were like. This nursing room was the fanciest and even had a scale to weigh your baby. It was a nice last visit to the wonderful nursing rooms of South Korea.

Sign for nursey room Incheon Airport South Korea
Sign for nursey room Incheon Airport South Korea
Nursing baby room Incheon Airport Seoul
Nursing baby room Incheon Airport Seoul
Spacious nursing room at Incheon Airport in Seoul South Korea
Very spacious nursing room at Incheon Airport in Seoul South Korea
Baby scale, sink and change tables Incheon Airport Seoul
Baby scale, sink and change tables
Filtered water and microwave in nursing room Incheon Airport
The room also had filtered water and a microwave as well as a bottle sterilizer.
At the back of the room there was a private curtain-ed area which was decorated with a mobile and had a high chair and even a nursing pillow. The mobile was beautiful but a big distraction for a nursing 6 month old.
Nursing Rules at Incheon Airport in Seoul
Nursing Rules at Incheon Airport in Seoul

When a nursing room wasn’t around

An information booth. The staff allowed me to use their front desk and chair to feed my baby.
Sometimes its not all sunshine and rainbows. I mean, who keeps their mop next to gasoline?
Palace in Seoul surrounded by tourists. Little did we know, there was a nursery inside the gardens. Who would have thought?
The most beautiful spot I’ve ever fed my baby, the Igidae coastal hike in Busan.

Nursing rooms at home?

The only nursing rooms in Edmonton (a city of a million, mind you) are:

  1. Rogers Place the concert and hockey arena. They say CLEARLY on their website they DO NOT have a nursing room, however if you ask guest services 2 or 3 times, they will direct you to their nursing room after suggesting you nurse in a family bathroom. The nursing room is very small, has only 2 spots to sit, a place to change your baby and a TV. I believe they don’t want to over advertise because it’s so small for such a large arena, but while in the nursing room during an Oilers game I met 7 or 8 momma’s who needed this safe haven for over stimulated and hungry babies.
  2. Ikea supposedly has one but I haven’t been yet. In true Ikea fashion, they have it all to keep families happy on a day out so that you spend money with them. GENIUS.

Have you ran into any nursing rooms in Edmonton, Alberta or Canada that I should know about? Comment below, message me on Instagram (@SamGSama) or email me at

Samantha is a Marketing Manager and a new mom who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha also loves to backpack adventure travel & is a big foodie who loves to cook.

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